924 Shooter's Friend Recoil Pad

Make shooting fun again with our “no-flinch” professional visco-elastic gel pad. Men and women that shoot will find “The Shooter’s Friend” to be a recoil pad they can rely on.

The Shooter's Friend gunstock recoil pad increases confidence and accuracy by absorbing 70% of recoil! It makes a 12 gauge feel more like a 20.

The Shooter’s Friend:

• easily slides on and off

• will not harden or get brittle with age

• will not harm gun stock

• use with rifles and shotguns

• use when hunting, skeet shooting and trap shooting

Field tested and aproved by the North American Hunting Club, The Shooter's Friend protects your shoulder from the massive slam of the gun butt that follows every trigger pull.
Designed and manufactured in the USA by Riecken's Orthotics, The Shooter's Friend recoil pad has been in the field for over ten years and thousands have been shipped.

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